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You are looking for brand for Branding? You are at right place. When you can get original brands for your promotion why you will go with cheap items? Don’t worry it won’t hurt your budget. 

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what are the benefits of promotional t-shirts?

bangalore corporate giftswhether large or small business owner, you are always find ways to promote your products or business. we choose many things like: pen, desktop items, caps, t-shirts. Here we shall discuss the benefits of choosing t-shirts for branding. There are many benefits of promotional t-shirts, here are some:

  1. when your staff wears the same uniform in an organization it’s gives professional looks as well as motivate team works.
  2. It’s a wearable advertising with a mobility so your brand shall get big exposure. It’s last longer than any other advertising media with a very cheaper price than others. (if you compare with television, hoarding, newspaper you can consider this one cheapest but best.)
  3. Giving promotional t-shirts a way to show your customer you are thankful for the business with them.
  4. Giving promotional t-shirts to your employee a way to show your employee gratitude finishing up a project or their association with your company matter.
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why do we need promotional items

Why do we need promotional items ?

Why do we need promotional gifts for our campaign or advertisements? It”s high time to switch to corporate gifts. But the question is why?corporate gifts Bangalore

Branding – the word every company aware of. We choose many media like TV, Newspaper, Big banner for promotional branding of service, campaign or product promotion. But if you compare corporate gifting with these it’s cheap and best. You will get lot of varieties to choose and in any budget.


   research shows 82.6% people recall the brand and company by their promotional gifts

Watch this short video to understand why do we need promotional items?


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how to choose your promotional products

how to choose your promotional products?

custom clothing

Promotional products gives a big impact of brand promotion or campaign. So always be careful while choosing right products for right campaign. It’s added value to brand as well as business. We, Ruwaid , always helps customer of choosing right product by knowing specific target and product details. For that we keep variety of promotional products in our company.  If your campaign budget is low and targeted area is common and more people involved choose small but efficient products like pen, key chain and many others. If you think of a mobile efficient products we may suggest for caps, t-shirts, jackets.

Think something for big clients or go with big brands or name always go with branded items for promotion.

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